Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Nyonya cuisines? Try June’s Kitchen Cafe

Good nyonya food, price reasonable and cool ambient. Recommended, with 9/10 rating.

GPS coordinates: N1 29.758 E103 48.898

Address? Can be found in one of the photo attached….. :)



2009_11080120 2009_11080122




Alamak! How come Micheal Jackson is inside the menu? Best part is, only selling for RM3.80. So cheap!

I paid RM3.80 to try the MJ2009_11080130


My favourite dish, Ayam Ponteh.


This fish is good. Forget the dish name ???


Ok, you can find the address and contact number here… :)

June's Kitchen Cafe in Google Maps:

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Owen Seafood Restaurant

Thanks to Charles Tay, who host this great seafood dinner at Owen Seafood Restaurant, at Bukit Timah Turf City.

GPS Coordinates: N1 20.278 E103 47.608

Plenty of fresh seafood varieties found in the entrance of the restaurant. Couldn’t help, quickly snapped a few shots using my Omnia.

Full of Crabs !!!


Australia’s King Crabs



Alaska’s King Crabs


Snow Crabs


The famous GEODUCKS !


Big clams


 Check out the bottle of Vodca on the table.


The other table, also got a bottle, dunno what?


 OMG! Something is going to explode…


 This is the signature dish requested by Yong, “Raw Shashimi GEODUCK” !


 The evergreen “Chilli Crabs”


The food is good, look at the plate you know already.


JC and Daniel are happy with the crabs.


 So do Yong and Zhou Li.


 Ken’s belly is full, (with beer, not seafood).   Tean in full concentration listening to boss’s “Bus driver, Hippy and Nun” story.


The Indian meet the Batamese.


 “Boss, you want some of my Mee Goreng? Sedap!”


Thanks to our host, Charles.    : )


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Port Dickson....我来也 (6th to 8th Dec 2008)

Since the last visit to Port Dickson during my primary school time, after so many years, Port Dickson 我来了. 

I googled and found this Legend Water Chalets.... wau wiiiii.... chalets on top of the sea wor...... on lah, even though a bit pricy at RM425.50 per night.

Have a glimpse at the hotel...
 port dickson 115
port dickson 108port dickson 213
No bad ya ??? But too bad got no blue sea water nor white sandy beach....
Never mind lah, check out the room inside.
 port dickson 040 port dickson 135
port dickson 036 port dickson 089
Cool.... see the little balcony with a small coffee table and beach chair. What are you thinking? Ha ha ha, of course a cup of freshly brewed coffee after dinner lah.
port dickson 090 port dickson 153
That's life. I am happy with a little piece of wadeh and a cup of hot coffee.
Some night scene pictures of the hotel..........
port dickson 087 port dickson 085
Ok lah, so much of publicity to Legend Water Chalets, now gotto talk about my travel log liao lah.

6th Dec 2008, 10am

Zoom zoom, start our PD trip, driving straight to 2nd link, prayed hard so that the JAM is not too bad.
Wah Lau Eh ! Just after exiting PIE, after the roundabout, the JAM start liao, at least 1.5km to the check point.
Wah Piang ! I estimate will que at least 2 hours.
Cannot lah. My 6th cents told me to turn around and proceed to Woodland Course Way.
Heng Ah, even though there is JAM, due to my Lau Chiau experience in Course Way, manage to cross in 45 minutes.
He he he...Reached Perling in JB around 11.30am.

Little princess complaint hungry liao, quickly go to 大四喜点心 (N1 29.053 E103 40.822) in Taman Perling, our favourite Dim Sum restaurant in JB.
See picture below, before I can take out my point-and-shoot camera, dim sum oredi half makan.
port dickson 003
After shiok-shiok makan, can we go PD now............

  port dickson 006

 port dickson 019 
After 2 hours drive, tired oredi lor,
stopped by at Pagoh R&R.
Have you heard of Booster Blitz?
No? Me neither.
port dickson 014
They are having the Arm Wrestling promo.
Since I am so sporting, I accepted the challenge.
Result? Lost in both rounds.
Pai Say pai say.
Who cares, I got the free gifts anyway.
Two cans of Booster Blitz drink and two key chains... : >
port dickson 022 
Reach PD around 4pm.
Di di ta ta di di ta ta.......... raining !
Checked in to Legend Water Chalets around 4.30pm.
Nice hotel, very new and clean. We are happy.
I am happy, still got time to nap nap before go hunting for hochiak.
Little princess wants to go swimming at the pool, but still drizzling outside, no no to her.
She a bit upset oredi, but no worry, a pack of Mamee will make her happy liao.
Dinner time ?
No worry.
Oredi done my research, nearest seafood restaurant is
Sea View Seafood
(N2 32.585 E101 47.965).
Less than 1km from the Legend.
Yumm yumm, let's have sea food ! port dickson 079
We ordered 
Marmite crabs,
Ginger fried bamboo clamps,
Lemon chicken
and a vege.port dickson 052
port dickson 056
We waited almost 45min because the restaurant was hosting two wedding banquets that night.
He he he, got free karaoke, but not so pleasant listening type lor.
Anyway the food is quite good, but Jade Seafood Restaurant in Sungai Renggit is still better lor.
Bill came up close to RM120.
port dickson 068
These are some little but expensive crawling creatures which we did not order.
Siao ah ! RM268 per kg !
 port dickson 070 port dickson 078
 Alaska King Crabs RM238 per kg
port dickson 077 port dickson 072
 Geoduck. Looks similar to something. Do you know what? 
 port dickson 076
After dinner, before going back to hotel, dropped by a mini store to get some mineral water and tip bits. Little princess is very happy. Also bought a 'Donkey' game cards, promise little princess to play with her at the hotel.
Day 1 ends.